Top 20 Best Beaches in Greece HD

Here is a great selection of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, most of them are frequently rated among the best beaches on various lists. The country is one of the best travel destinations for a beach vacation in Europe, it has more than 13.000 kilometres long coastline. It’s almost impossible to make an objective ranking list of different natural beauties. Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to beach destination. Some of us prefer sandy beaches, others like pebble or rocky ones. Shallow, calm water or waves? Blue or turquoise colour? Organised or not? Popular and lively or secluded? Family friendly? Good for snorkelling? The more attributes we choose the harder to make an objective ranking. I have visited more than 10 out of the 20 beaches included in the slideshow, so this ranking is partly based on my personal experiences. Beaches shown: 20. Canal d’Amour – Corfu (Kerkyra) 19. Peleokastitsa – Corfu (Kerkyra) 18. Super Paradise – Mykonos 17. Plaka – Naxos 16. Kathisma – Lefkada (Lefkas) 15. Valtos – Parga, Epirus 14. Lindos – Rhodes 13. Voidokilia – Messenia, Peloponnese 12. Lalaria – Skiathos 11. St Paul’s Bay – Rhodes 10. Simos – Elafonisos 9. Paradise…

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