Locomondo – Δεν κάνει κρύο στην Ελλάδα – Live @ Nicosia

Locomondo is a seven member band based in Athens, Greece. Their name loosely means “Crazy World,” from the Spanish word “loco” (crazy) and the Italian word “mondo” (world). Their music can be tagged as reggae or ska. It is the first band in Greece that fused the Caribbean sound together with Greek musical elements. Locomondo often incorporates traditional Greek instruments in their sound such as the violin, the gaida (the Greek version of the bagpipes) and the baglama, producing a fresh sound and a new approach to the already known forms of the Caribbean as well as the Greek music. In their live shows, Locomondo captures the energy and the feel of a party, where the crowd and the band share the common experience of a great “fiesta.”

{Locomondo - Δεν κάνει κρύο στην Ελλάδα - Live @ Nicosia